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JHA Guest Speaker Program: Bridging the Gap between Industry Experts and Aspiring Hospitality Professionals

The Jakarta Hotels Association (JHA) has taken a proactive approach to supporting the next generation of hospitality professionals by partnering with the tourism vocational school SMKN 57 Jakarta.

Through their Guest Speaker Program, JHA invites the general managers from their member hotels to share their expertise, experiences, and knowledge with the students at SMKN 57. This program aims to bridge the gap between industry experts and aspiring hospitality professionals, providing the students with valuable insights into the inner workings of the hotel industry. Bringing Industry Leaders to the Classroom.

Spanning from January to November 2023, the JHA Guest Speaker Program witnessed the participation of 11 hotels and JHA members from various prestigious properties across Jakarta. Each month, a different hotel general manager was invited to SMKN 57 as the guest speaker, offering students a diverse range of perspectives and topics. Broad Topics, In-Depth Discussions: With a variety of topics explored throughout the program, students were exposed to an array of areas within the hotel industry, including management strategies, customer service, revenue management, marketing, sustainability, and more. These topics were carefully selected to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of running a successful hotel operation.

Benefits for Students:

  • The JHA Guest Speaker Program has proven to be instrumental in the students' education and career development. By listening to seasoned professionals in the field, students gain insight into the real-world challenges and successes of the hotel industry. They are able to expand their knowledge base beyond what is covered in the classroom, allowing them to make more informed decisions about their future careers.

  • Networking Opportunities: The program also opens doors for networking and potential job opportunities for students. It provides them with an opportunity to connect with professionals in the industry, build relationships, and potentially secure internships or employment in the future. By directly interacting with hotel general managers, students gain access to valuable connections that can significantly impact their career trajectories.

  • Mutually Beneficial Collaboration: The Guest Speaker Program is mutually beneficial, benefiting both SMKN 57 students and the participating JHA member hotels. The hotels have the chance to contribute to the development of the future workforce by imparting their industry knowledge and can potentially identify talented individuals for future recruitment. Meanwhile, the students gain access to invaluable industry insights and mentoring from esteemed professionals, equipping them with a competitive edge upon entering the job market.

The Jakarta Hotels Association (JHA) Guest Speaker Program, in collaboration with SMKN 57 Jakarta, has successfully facilitated an exchange of knowledge and experiences between the hotel industry's veteran leaders and aspiring hospitality professionals. By inviting hotel general managers from JHA member hotels as guest speakers, the program has provided SMKN 57 students with a well-rounded understanding of the hotel industry's intricacies and has opened doors for potential career opportunities. Through initiatives like this, JHA continues to demonstrate its commitment to fostering growth and excellence within Jakarta's hospitality sector.

JHA sincerely appreciate members hotel who has participated in the program;

  • JS Luwansa Hotel & Convention

  • Fairmont Jakarta

  • Gran Melia

  • Shangri-La Jakarta

  • The Sultan Hotel & Residence

  • Millennium Hotel Sirih Jakarta

  • Mandarin Oriental Jakarta

  • Doubletree by Hilton Jakarta - Diponegoro

  • Hotel Borobudur Jakarta

  • Wyndham Casablanca Jakarta

  • The Westin Jakarta


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