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Tips for hotels on how to give customers a rewarding experience


Did you know that recent customer loyalty statistics show that 47% of customers would take their business to a competitor within a day of experiencing poor customer service? The success of any hotel business is highly dependent on customers’ reviews, which if positive will surge your customer retention and the opposite is also true. Analysts say that visitors trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations, especially those provided on OTAs .

Happy Hotel Customer at the Park Lane Jakarta

Also, more hotel guests find after booking direct with the hotel they find that they get better service, more opportunities for upgrades and find the best rates available online by booking direct. One such hotel that excels at guest satisfaction is, The Park Lane Jakarta.

Appearance Matters

Create a lasting impression to your customers from the moment they set foot at the entrance/lobby of your hotel. How affably you have decked the compound alone creates the desire of wanting to return or to refer others to experience the ambiance.

It doesn’t end there; package your hotel in hospitable ether from the reception to the boarding rooms to create an unforgettable memory. Most importantly, ensure the guests get the same picture or even better from what they have already seen on your website. You never get a second chance to make a great first impression; it will either retain or push off your customers.

Engage and Smile

There is nothing as welcoming as a warm smile from the person attending to you; it is a simple reassurance that you are in the right place. Engaging the guests from the time they check in – without necessary overwhelming them with an endless conversation – will go a long way in creating a friendly environment for the guests during their stay at your hotel. It is always quite annoying to receive an insolence tainted customer service. Therefore, ensure to show utmost respect for your guests, no matter how aggravating they might be.

Understand your clients’ needs

It is absolutely normal that one guest or another will be displeased by your service once in a while. Perhaps the Internet connection was slow, or the airport pickup was delayed. When your guests complain about an issue, listen to them and understand them when they are aggravated; they have every right to. Apologize always and correct the mistake immediately. If the mistake has already been made and cannot be corrected at the moment, offer your guests an alternative to ease their frustration, such as offering to provide free transfer to the airport on their checkout. Once your guests understand and calm down, be grateful and surprise them with a thank you card. Such goes a long way in winning their confidence back and in retaining your clients.

"No Guest Shall Leave The Park lane if there Not Happy’" as quoted by Darrel Cartwright The General Manger of The Park Lane Jakarta.

Create loyalty programs

This always comes in handy. Reward your customers not based on the room type they book but based on their visit frequency and lifetime value. Encourage new customers by introducing them to your loyalty programs. If you do not have one already, start simple with for instance discounted prices or meal commentaries for customers who dine at your on-site restaurant. Reward your guests and they will always come back.

Easy Payment Options

Many a times potential customers visit a hotel’s site, get excited over how pleasant it would be to spend a weekend getaway there especially with the discounted rates; but end up not making the booking due to the complications involved in payment processes that require them to fill out endless – and sometimes unnecessary- information every time they make a booking. With payment technologies such as PayPal, GoogleWallet and Mpesa, the payment experience should be as simple and easy as possible for your customers.

Leverage on employees

After all is said and done, the most important part of the process is the welfare of your employees. It is essential to put in place incentives that will motivate their engagement with your guests; such as a good pay and a bonus system for service well delivered. By providing your employees a conducive working environment, they will in turn have every reason to drive the mission and vision of your business. Happy employees make happy customers and happy customers will patronize your hotel, resulting to bigger profits. In the end, it is a win win situation for everyone.

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